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Robotic Bridge Inspection


Deep Data Meets Structural Integrity

  • Engineering insights to enhance materials science, structural engineering, and bridge construction
  • Improve public safety, extend structural sustainability, and reduce asset life-cycle costs

See Bridge Structures from the Inside Out

Robotic Inspection Goes Mainstream

Looking Deeper

Robotic Platform

Already proven through years as a research prototype, SENDER™ is being transformed into a commercial technology with physical features suitable for safe and efficient large-scale deployment. Matched with data management capabilities that fully exploit ever-more-powerful analytical engines, SENDER will transform the structural engineering world. 

Integrated Sensor Array

SENDER hosts an array of Non-Destructive testing sensors, including: 

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for detecting corrosion on metal components such as rebar
  • Impact Echo (IE) for detecting concrete delamination
  • Electrical Resistivity (ER) for detecting water penetration and corrosion
  • Ultra-Sonic Surface Wave for assessing concrete quality, condition
  • High Definition, color still and video cameras

SENDER uses high-fidelity Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) for autonomous navigation, precise timing and geo-location (accuracy to 1-2 centimeters) of detected faults.  

Data: Deep and Broad

SENDER provides tangible value:

  • Efficient and Quality Inspections. A robot/drone with a suite of smart sensors can perform structural inspections at greater speed while generating significantly more useful diagnostic information
  • New Inspection Capabilities. Integrating and synchronizing data from an array of sensors specifically selected to quickly and efficiently detect corrosion, cracks, delamination, spalling, and other signs of concrete or steel deterioration 
  • Accelerated Diagnostics and Remedial Actions. Detect and characterize faults much more quickly than manual inspections, and provide decision makers with early opportunities for quick and focused action
  • Reduce Traffic Disruption. Current inspection methods often require extended periods of lane closures, limited access to essential structures, and expose personnel to significant risk; SENDER reduces lane closure time and related personnel risks
  • Reduced Inspection Cost. Just as in other industries, an autonomous device will reduce manpower requirements for structural inspections, thereby lowering operational cost


  • SENDER finds and characterizes structural deterioration that is not detectable using other methods
  • SENDER provides qualitative, quantitative, and engineering-friendly diagnostic data that has never before been available
  • SENDER detects faults sooner than is otherwise possible, thereby enabling fast and low-cost repairs

The BIG Picture

Deep and detailed data collected broadly across structural design categories, material combinations, environmental conditions, and operating ages will provide a systematic analytical platform to enhance engineering and construction methods:

  • Improve public safety
  • Make future infrastructure more durable
  • Reduce high-cost maintenance requirements
  • Minimize total lifecycle costs for major infrastructure investments

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